What is Data Analysis?

Data Analysis is a very broad term but in simple terms, data analysis also known as Data Analytics is the method used to analyze data and also the process of analyzing data. Their many different types of data analyzing but we have named a few below:

Data analysis has been heavily adopted by businesses and has in return can be confused with business intelligence (BI) but in saying that data analysis and BI do share some common techniques when both involved in business data.

Data analysis originally developed from an old form of statistics that were used to analyze data but as technology changed and our type/size of data we started adopting better and faster techniques with the help of advanced computing and software. The type of software you would find common is the analyzing field are:

The list above is just a brief insight into the type of tools data scientists use. Every year as the data field gets used more and more businesses are starting to release new software to fit the ever growing need.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the basics of data analysis.

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